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Top Cash For Cars Auckland is a pioneering vehicle recycling company that creates a win-win situation as far as the disposal of the wrecked vehicle is concerned. We deal in vehicles of many types ranging from the cars, jeeps to buses and trucks. We are auto wreckers with a diverse experience in automobile recycling domain, so we specialize in exchanging money for wrecked automobiles regardless of their model, condition or age.

Cash For Cars

Our car removal and top cash for car service operate in a larger number of areas in the premises of Auckland and its suburbs. Whether you reside in any region of North Auckland or South Auckland, we will reach you to complete the deal.


Car Removal

Top cash for cars pay quick cash for all broken cars & offer FREE car removal in Auckland. Get the best car removal service in town by availing our top cash for cars service.


4X4 Wreckers

You can contact us or get a free quote if you wish to sell your broken 4X4’s. You can book a free 4×4 removal service whenever you want, and the price quote will inform you about the amount of money you will get by selling your 4×4.


3 Easy Steps for Free Car Removal

The work process is simple. We work on a car wrecking procedure as soon as we receive a quote. After conveyance of estimated price, we schedule the pickup of a vehicle if a client approves our proposed price. The process ends with the delivery of cash to the vehicle owner on the scheduled date. We are pioneering auto dismantlers in this area so you can trust us on the basis of our credibility.

Top Cash for Cars

Every year, thousands of cars reach a condition where they are no longer useful to their owners. They lose their power. Therefore, the owners abandon these cars or get rid of them. If you or any of your acquaintances have come across such a situation, then you have landed at the right place. While old car removal is an obvious decision made by most of the car owners, why not make this deal beneficial by trading your useless car for cash?

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Once the car owners get in touch with us regarding the exchange of their wrecked car, we offer them with a free quote after assessing the condition of the vehicle to be exchanged. You can contact us for a free quote if your vehicle is old, useless, severely damaged because of an accident or for any reason that has resulted into the uselessness of an automobile. The free quote suggests the price for we are willing to pick up the cars and send it for recycling purposes.

You can get an estimated price for your worn-out vehicle by filling out a simple quote form. We will review your request ASAP and call you back with the estimated price for your automobile. You can get as much as $11,000 for your vehicle, depending upon its value so don’t abandon your car and don’t let it occupy valuable space in your porch. Just get a quote from us and receive cash in exchange for the vehicle you don’t even use.

Avail Our Uninterrupted Service of Cash for Cars in Auckland

We offer cash for cars service in many different areas starting from Pukekohe to Wellsford. We regularly receive requests from the areas that don’t come in this category and car removal for cash is our daily job. If you live in an area that doesn’t come in-between these two places, you can still contact us and share your area of residence, and we will see what we can do about it. We will inform you if we are able to pick up your vehicle from the place where you live shortly.

Avail the Environment-Friendly Services of Commercial Wreckers in Auckland

You should choose our cash for cars service because it is not only a cost-effective way of getting rid of the useless vehicle but environmental friendly as well. It is not preferable to leave incapable vehicles as they are since they pose threats to the surrounding environment. These vehicles may contain gasoline and other fluids that can be harmful if not properly disposed of. They also make it difficult to clean the streets and act as a hurdle most of the times.

In order to avoid these environmental issues, cash for cars service provides an effective resort. You can not only get a handsome amount of money by trading your useless car but also prove yourself to be a responsible citizen as you have preferred the environmental sustenance by not leaving your car as it is.


This company is truly the best car removal out of many others in Auckland. I called several companies and all of them were hard to understand. This company was very easy to deal with overall!. Highly Recommended.
Theodore Isaac Rubin
I had a hilux ute with no wheels and called this company to see if it’s worth anything. They arrived at mine in less than half hour and paid me $800 cash for it. Extremely HAPPY
Melanie Coachman

We Even Pay Cash for Scrap Cars in Auckland

Cash for cars is yet another fascinating service that lets you acquire a considerable amount of money in exchange for your unusable vehicle that apparently holds no value. With a long lasting experience in auto recycling agency, Car Wreckers Auckland precisely knows what to do with these vehicles and how to dispose of them productively. Cash for cars systematically remove different components of your vehicles that are still usable and then dispose of the car in an environmental-friendly manner. We send you the price quote for your car that will be assuredly higher than you’ll get by any of our competitors, so get a quote straight off.

We Are the Most Trusted 4×4 Wreckers in Auckland

Contact us or get a free quote if you wish your vehicle selling business to be fruitful and we will get back soon enough to get this deal completed. You can book a free 4×4 removal service whenever you want, and the price quote will inform you about the amount of money you will get by selling your 4×4. Please consult Car Wreckers Auckland and leave the rest to us.

Truck Wreckers Auckland

Do you have a broken truck blocking your driveway or it’s been sitting on the lawn for many years that it makes your whole building look ugly?

You have come to the right place where we will get rid of any old trucks and also pay you cash for whatever it’s worth. Truck Wreckers Auckland buys trucks from small 1 tonne trucks to 12 wheelers which are more than 12 tonne gross weight. We can pay you cash upto $15,000 for any trucks. Just call our truck wreckers team on 0800 88 44 55 or use the contact form on the right to make a booking.

Free Car Removal

We remove all type of vehicle in and around Auckland.

Car Wreckers

Do you want to sell your old scrap wreck car for top cash? Call us now!

Truck Wreckers

Get up to $11K cash for your broken or unwanted truck.